The main functionalities of GestFlow® can be summarized as follows:

  • Configuration of standard operating model for a given Company, regarding the scheduled information flows management.

  • Non-scheduled information flows (spot information) can be sent anytime.

  • It is possible to attach a file to any information flow, which will be managed by GestFlow® in order to be uniquely identified and stored.

  • Any information flow can be amended, in order to rectify or extend the information already trasmitted.

  • GestFlow® allows a sort of "blog" for any information flow, so to track and historicize all the related comments and discussions.

  • GestFlow® helps users to remember any expiry date for scheduled information flows, by sending reminder e-mails for any kind of event related to a single flow (expected, sent/received, commented, expired).

  • GestFlow® allows the definition of a specific template for each scheduled information flow.

  • Tracking and historicization are performed for every scheduled or spot information flow sent, together with all the attached files.

In functional terms, GestFlow® can be schematized as follows:

  • Configuration environment, to easily define all the parameters which allow GestFlow® to adapt to your Company.

  • Operational environment for "receivers", in which is possible to manage the correct reception of information flows.

  • Operational environment for "senders", in which the Organizational Units in charge of a set of flows can do all the activities concerned with the flows sending.

  • Information flows schedule, in which any flow is managed on the basis of its periodicity, sending reminder e-mails before and, in case, after the expiry date, according to the parameters configuration.