Thank you for visiting us and welcome to the website of GestFlow®.

GestFlow® is a very valuable support tool for automating the management of all the information flows required within an organization, both in a compliance environment and in the day-by-day operational activities.

Based on a web solution, GestFlow® dramatically simplifies the tracking of the correct operations which involve sending and receiving of both scheduled and spot information flows, ensuring their completeness and timeliness and allowing the exchange of further details regarding a given information flow.

The typical operational situation in any business environment involves a totally manual management of the information flows, with a subsequent performance decay in terms of efficiency, regarding timeliness and completeness of the information, and in terms of effectiveness, regarding the recovery of the information from different sources in unstructured contexts.

GestFlow® significantly automates and consolidates these activities thanks to its:

  • high integrability in different IT environments 
  • easy configuration
  • ease of use

GestFlow® can then be seen as a sort of "virtual assistant", very useful in all those contexts in which is mandatory to constantly control information flows among different organizational units.

GestFlow® has been selected by an Italian Governative Agency as one of the most significative innovations to be presented in the 2011 Italy-China Innovation Forum "Italia degli Innovatori 2011" (video).